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  • My Skincare Routine

    I am the absolute worst at cleansing my skin and remembering to do it, and until recently I hadn’t done it for years.. I was surprised that my skin didn’t break out like crazy, even though we have all had our time and day when our skin is just not on our side, am I right? So today I thought that I would show you what I use to take care of my skin. The products really cleanse your skin, but I have figured out that I have sensitive combination skin, so this routine will help more in the summer when my face is a little more oily, I think.

    First off I use the “Deep Cleansing Gel Wash” after I’ve wet my face with some water, and I just rinse it off with some water as well. For the second step I use the “Oil-Balancing Toner”, but I ONLY use this when I’ve worn makeup that day because it is really strong on my skin. For the last step I use the “Oil-Control Gel Cream” which has a very cooling feeling to it.

    I really hope you enjoyed me showing you guys my skincare routine, and if you have any suggestions for any other skincare products that are cruelty free please leave them down below. Also if you have any other blog posts you want me to do, please also leave that in the comment section down below.


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