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  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

    1. I am paranoid when it comes to switching off lights and locking doors at night. When my parents aren’t home for the night I usually check 2 times and then go back for a third time. When it comes to the stove as well I check once or twice and then when I go outside I get worried about it again… Especially when I know that my dog is in the house, i’m hopeless I know

    2. I can’t whistle at ALL, like AT ALL… I am the worst and I can’t do it to save my life.. When I was a kid I thought I got it down, but it was just a lower voice thing, so basically I sucked..

    3. I am a crier especially when it comes to videos either about animals (happy and sad) and all of the happy surprise and happy auditions videos on Youtube. Anyone else?

    4. I hate condiments unless it’s ketshup, but like the typical dressings and stuff, I can’t stand it. I just discovered that spices are a condiment too, but I love all different spices (not the biggest fan of curry).

    5. Something is going to happen to me on 9/11 , I don’t know which year it will be or when, but almost every day and sometimes multiple times a day when I randomly check the time it is 9:11, either AM or PM. Something is going to happen to me, I don’t know if it will be good or bad, but mark my words.

    6. My name is Susanne Madonna, yes it is Madonna and it’s in my passport and it’s been my legal name since my childhood. My mom is a huge Madonna fan and I guess that’s why she called me that, but I just learned a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t get it until I was 4 when I’ve thought all my life that I’ve had it since birth.

    7. I have a third nipple, you would know this if you have watched my videos, but yes, I was born with a third nipple but it’s a very small one and its ironically enough right on my underboob.

    8. I am a belieber, yes I am and I have been since 2009. Know every song, and everything about him (okay, maybe i’ve forgotten some information). But i’ve been to every concert he has had here in Norway, such good memories.

    9. One time I bought a mint nose spray, but I didn’t use it for my nose, I used it as a air refresher instead. Smart, I know.

    10. I hate my current Instagram feed, it’s actually affecting me more than you would think so I need to step up my game BIG TIME and do something about it.


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